No cancellation fees, rescheduling or rush delivery fees.
Pay only for the time you use. 

All we ask is that when you book online, choose the best estimate of the time you need and that you give us as much notice for cancellations/reschedules.

$25 — 20 minutes
$35 — 30 minutes
$45 — 40 minutes
$55 — 50 minutes
$65 — 60 minutes

*$10 fee for appointments after-hours & holidays.

Demo Reel Editing


Your reel should feel like a great movie trailer: fast-paced, exciting, great transitions, music and cutting edge editing that makes it about you...but leaves casting wanting more.

That's the reel we deliver.

$65 — 1 hour
— 30 minutes

*Minimum editing time is 30 minutes per session.

The Team

We are working actors and filmmakers. Our production company is Undercurrent Films under which, we have produced and directed commercials over the past 4 years. Collectively, we have 30 years of working experience in the industry.

So whether you have a big audition you need taped or simply want to see how you present on camera...we're here for you. Our cinematographer and sound mixer, both of whom work on big-budget commercials and films set up our studio...so you know you are guaranteed to sound and look amazing.

Most importantly, not only will you get an Actor for a reader, you also get feedback and re-directs if you want it...at no extra cost.

>> Check out our most recent project, a social justice film titled DIWA.
>> And the rest of our film work at Undercurrent Films.

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